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Mocking within minutes on AEM!

Check out an AEM Stubs tool on GitHub page. Simply install all-in-one CRX package grabbed from GitHub releases page and start mocking by simply creating a JSON mapping file or Groovy script file put into your AEM application. Enjoy ­čśë

Build rapidly AEM applications using Gradle Build System

I’d like to truly encourage all AEM developers that have a chance to setup AEM application build for giving a try to new approach based on Gradle instead of Maven. After about 2 years of battle testing Gradle AEM Plugin, I could definitely say that this is stable and powerful alternative of┬áContent Package Maven Plugin.┬á It is not just building…

Open source tools for Apache Sling and AEM

Today, Cognifide published their new site named Cognifide Labs which contains libraries and tools which can be deployed on Adobe Experience Manager and on Apache Sling based applications. Try to do not reinvent a wheel, maybe some of them could be useful for you?