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Mocking within minutes on AEM!

Check out an AEM Stubs tool on GitHub page. Simply install all-in-one CRX package grabbed from GitHub releases page and start mocking by simply creating a JSON mapping file or Groovy script file put into your AEM application. Enjoy 😉

Build rapidly AEM applications using Gradle Build System

I’d like to truly encourage all AEM developers that have a chance to setup AEM application build for giving a try to new approach based on Gradle instead of Maven. After about 2 years of battle testing Gradle AEM Plugin, I could definitely say that this is stable and powerful alternative of Content Package Maven Plugin.  It is not just building…

Javarel Framework – Web MVC on top of OSGi

Hi! I’d like to share with you results of my years of expertise in OSGi world. Few years ago I decided to learn how to build web application from the scratch using most low-level OSGi components. The road to achieve a working web application using integrated libraries that I like mostly was very exhausting. Incompatibilities related with isolated classpaths, bundle…