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Hi again!

Today I’d like to show you my latest mini project which I am realizing during my study.



I turned back to libGDX – nice, complete Java framework for game development. What is mostly surprising, we don’t have to port our game to other platforms. libGDX guarantees that after we build our game with different Gradle target we get: desktop ready *.jar application, *.apk for Android, HTML5 based game which can be run directly in browser, iOS is also somehow supported (I haven’t tested it yet / I am not a Mac funboy :).

The game which I’d like to show you is  a complete example of game realized in libGDX and is named Oycland . I published it on my public GitHub. Enjoy! I hope that you try be a game dev too! It is kind of completely different type of development which differs much to web development (because there is a lot of math related calculations, physics, media interactions). I am curious, do you agree? 🙂



To play the game just download binary JAR from “Releases” tab on GitHub. Then just double click on in and the game should start.


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