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Who am I?

Hello everyone!

Today, I created this blog… My main idea for it is just to start share my exp and thoughts about current web development technologies. I am sure that it is polite to introduce myself at start 😉


  • Name: Krystian Panek
  • Birth: 1991
  • Development experience: 20 years+
  • Exp:
    • PHP 4 and fragmentary 5 learnt basing on this book in 2006, yes as a child I had strange hobby 😉
    • Commercial Java since 2014. I am a passionate of OSGi technology.
    • I can cut any PSD file and transform it into HTML5/CSS3/JS based website with PHP/Java based back-end.
  • Current job: Principal Software Engineer in Wunderman Thompson Technology (part of WPP group).
  • Previous jobs: Senior PHP in eFresh Digital Agency, PHP programmer in Allegro Group.

Current status? Day after day I am working on Adobe AEM platform, developing new features etc. Its quite interesting stuff. Very complex. I didn’t even know that Java app could be so dynamic. AEM is based on OSGi which allows to extend our app by some plugin without restarting rest parts of our application – it is kind of hot deploy.


Sometimes after work I like to look around another approaches to build web application basing on OSGi. I started my journey with Apache Karaf and I would like to describe a little bit and show something interesting to you soon…


Generally I ended making small web apps written in PHP for more or less known to me buddies. They cost me a lot of time in the past… and my frustration after making another worth less tiny fix without paying for it was unlimited. Currently I specialize only in CMS, ERP and e-commerce applications.  I am trying to build a thing which will integrate them all in one app. Project code-named “Hydra”. My dream is to release it finally as an open source but… who knows ;> I am very stubborn… you will see.

See ya, next time. I will write about more technical stuff to prove you that I really know something. Cu!

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